Who will rescue us from CHIKV?

originally posted on jamaicanjournal

My hands feel like useless claws in the mornings. So too do my feet as I stumble and hobble out of bed first thing. My left side feels seized up at times and my right shoulder has lost mobility. My flexibility and general fitness are slowly coming back but I’m fighting fatigue, although my joints seem to be getting worse. This is almost two months after contracting the Chikungunya virus, which has apparently hit close to one million people in the Caribbean now. Also, Britons are now being warned and it has spread to the mainland in North America (Mexico and Florida.)

I am doing some research on this virus and it is clear that there is little knowledge about its effects, let alone a cure. I keep hearing of ChikV-related deaths, but this is informally. We are hearing little from the government about the virus anymore- people seem to have moved on to Ebola- yet it is still spreading rapidly. Check out this column today in the Observer, it is worth a read. I am grateful that I am recovering and do not have any other major complications. But questions plague me: Why are we not hearing from the government? Are they tracking cases anymore? Are they tracking related deaths? (Which is rumoured to be at about 200 people!) What is the government’s responsibility in this anyway? I have more questions than answers.