Vicki Hanson- The Woman behind Victoria Jubilee’s Mobile Ultrasound Machine

The Victoria Jubilee Hospital recently received a mobile ultrasound machine donated by the Portmore Rotary club through the hard work of Jamaican Diva Vicki Hanson a member.

While visiting the hospital, Hanson observer that there were over a dozen or more women on line waiting to receive an ultrasound.  Further conversations with the Senior Registrar for Obstetrics and gynecology, Doctor McDonald, revealed that a mobile ultra sound machine could greatly improve the health care of the mothers at the hospital.

Mobile Ultrasound Machine donated by the Portmore Rotary Club


“Suddenly my club’s motto, ‘service above self’, dawned on me and spurred me into action,” said Hanson, “I, being the person responsible for the grant funding applications for my club, began applying for grants to cover the cost of the mobile ultra sound machine.”

The Portmore Rotary club received a grant of US$4,000 earlier this year from District 7/20; however, the funding was still not enough to purchase the machine and so all 19 members of the club raised the additional funds.

The hospital conducts just around 25 ultrasounds a day which amounts to just around 30 per cent of pregnant women in the community.  The new equipment will allow the hospital to bridge the gap and get closer to full coverage. It will also function as the outpatient machine and will be used in emergency situations.

 At the handing over ceremony, Hanson expressed that she was in a state of awe, she felt a sense of accomplishment at being able to identify a need, work at it, and made it all happen.

Keep on  filling those needs Vicki Hanson!

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