Eating Organic the New Craze

America and Europe has suddenly rediscovered “organic food”, but for most third world country this is the norm. We Jamaicans have always eaten organic or as we say “straight from the ground”.  As long has one can remember our culture has always encouraged growing our own foods.

Although many Jamaicans have developed an international palate, there are still many who would not be caught dead eating food that was not home grown or raised.

jamaican divas -farmer

As the “organic food” consummation grows and transcends borders, our little paradise is considered to produce some of the best foods.

Researchers are attributing the success of our athletes to Yam our most common starch. And of course one knows that the controversial medicinal herb when grown in Jamaican is known to be the best worldwide.

No matter the time of year, Jamaican grown organic food will always provide you with a “bellyfull”  wah yuh tink, tell mi below!

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