Novelette Grant Promoted to Deputy Commissioner of Police

On Wednesday October 1, 2014, Novelette Grant became the second woman in Jamaican history to be appointed Deputy Commissioner of police in the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

Deputy Commissioner  Grant, prior to her new appointment, served the Jamaican Constabulary Force as the commander for Division Area 5 which includes  St Andrew North, St Catherine North and South and St Thomas.





jamaican divas - novelette grant in uniform“I am truly honored by this appointment and I will do my best to use all the skills I have acquired over the many years that I have served the JCF to do an efficient and good job as a deputy commissioner,” as told to the Jamaica Observer.

Grant gained significant national attention in the modernization of the JCF, as head of strategic reform implementation team. She was one of several candidates for the post of Commissioner of Police, upon the recent retirement of Commissioner Owen Ellington, but that appointment went to Dr. Carl Williams.

DC Grant, who also headed the constabulary’s Professional Standards Branch, will be in charge of the administrative portfolio.

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