National Running Day 2015: 9 Tips For New Runners

Today is National Running Day! For the past six years enthusiasts from across the USA have used this day — National Running Day — for group runs and gatherings. This may sound a bit daunting if you don’t fancy yourself a runner, but we’re here to help!

So here are 9 tips for new runners:

  1. Focus on your feet

Running costs less than many other sports, but you do need a good pair of sneakers. Visit a specialty running store, where experts can help you start off on the right (and left) foot.

  1. Start small

Think realistically every time you head out the door — no one expects you to run like a pro from the get-go. So start out by alternating between short surges of running and walking, and build from there.

  1. Find a running buddy

In the first few weeks, it’s important to make running a habit — so turn to you’re a friend for help, and you can even run with your dog!

  1. Listen to your body

Consider a doctor’s visit before you start running. Make sure to keep an eye on old injuries and common problem areas like shins and knees to avoid new flare-ups.

  1. Join the club

Running can be a lonely sport, so Many runners love the camaraderie and extra motivation that comes with running with others. You can find numerous running teams at the Road Runners Club of America and

  1. Make a plan

Choose a personal goal, such as running a mile without stopping or enter and finishing a local road race.

  1. Take notes

Keep track of your progress in a notebook or journal.  The internet offers an abundance of tracking forms or simply use a notebook or journal. You’ll be surprised how often you refer back to it.

  1. Celebrate milestones

Don’t be shy about letting friends and family know when you’ve completed two miles for the first time or finished a loop in the park or on the track.

  1. Remember to stretch

Stretching helps your body to prepare and recover from the day’s run. Make sure to start out with vigorous stretches and finish with fixed stretches.

Do you have any tips that help motivate you to run and stay active? Share in the comments below!