Is Weight Training For Women?

Are you tired of just do a cardio routine?  Yes, running, cycling, and hitting the elliptical on a regular basis will certainly help you to drop the pounds.  But, at some point, you’re going to hit a plateau. To get past it—blast past it, really—you need to add strength training to your life. The more muscle you have, the more calories you torch when working out—and while sitting perfectly still.

So what can you do to increase your strength without look all bulky?

It is physiologically impossible for a woman to put on large amounts of muscle mass; our body’s hormonal makeup is not one that will allow us to do so. Strength training will bring out definition and get you stronger but will leave you looking lean and sexy. What’s needed is to find the right exercises for you along with a balance diet and a serving of cardio exercises.

To see results, how much strength training needs to be done per week?

For the best results, three days of strength training is all that’s needed. If you’re just starting out, two days of exercising is fine. Your workouts don’t have to be long; they should be efficient with the right exercises.

How long should a weight training session last?

Depending on your routine, your weight training session need not be more that 15 to 45 minutes. More doesn’t always translate into better.  Your routine should use all your muscles without overdoing it.

Should you do cardio workouts on the same day as weights?

The best case scenario is to do your cardio routine on alternate days. We all have busy lives, so we find that we have to do them on the same day.  Cardio is really important, so try to do your cardio on the off days in the beginning. Remember no ever dies from a weak bicep.

What are the best types of weights?

The best sets of weights are dumbbells by themselves or combined depending on fitness level:

Do you need to go to the gym daily to work out?

No! One can do a workout at home with a set of dumbbells and a exercise mat along with an exercise ball. If you prefer the structure of going to the gym every day, be sure to vary your workout and not to lift weights every day.

Being fit is not a full-time job, as some people may think. Being fit should enhance your whole life, not be your whole life. You want to be able to do your workout and then lift your kids up, take the stairs, carry your groceries and feel relaxed.  Women are finally seeing that weight training is essential aspect of well-being.