Maia Chung Autism & Disabilities Foundation Annouces Scholarship

Atusim & Disability Foundation- Maia Chung
Maia Chung

The Maia Chung Autism & Disabilities Foundation has instituted the Maia Chung Autism Scholarship which will help a Jamaican family living with Autism. This will help to educate, continue necessary therapies and training for children affected with Autism.

Atusim& Disability Foundation -Minister of Education Ronald Thwaites

The official launch of this scholarship will be at the Ministry of Education in Downtown Kingston Jamaica on August 18 2015. The guest speaker will be Minister of Education Ronald Thwaites. The scholarship is available at the primary/secondary and tertiary levels.

Autism awareness is still very poor in Jamaica. The foundation says teachers across the nation need to become more aware of their students. In turn more cases will be highlighted and more Jamaicans who are affected with Autism will be helped.  There is currently no cure for Autism but with help an individual diagnosed with the disease can cope tremendously well.

Atusim & Disablity Foundation-Maia Chung cartonified
Maia Chung cartonified

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