Angela Brown-Burke All About Slaying Dragons

Jamaican Diva and Kingston Mayor Angela Brown-Burke recently earned her PhD in Adult Educational Literacy from the National -Louis University in Chicago. Her accomplishment did not go unnoticed by her fellow senators when they assembled last Friday for the sitting of parliament’s Upper Chamber.

Brown Burke told fellow senators on Friday that she, like former Tanzanian president Julius Nyerere, does “not believe that a certificate, a degree in education is about a paper on the wall.”

“It is that sword that you use to slay the demons and dragons that face those who are opposed and marginalized and that is the purpose of a degree like this one,” Brown Burke said.

She stated that getting her PhD does not define who she is. Rather, it has made her a bit more aware of where she stands “and the obligations that I have to my fellowman”.

The doctoral committee which assessed her work said: “Dr Angela Brown Burke’s extraordinary work, Learning to Work Together: A Phenomenological Approach to Understanding Participation, was admitted into the adult-education canon of soon-to-be-famous literature.

“Her work is remarkable both for the action it produced and for its insights into collaborative decision-making. Grounding her research is deliberative democracy – a notion in sharp contrast to the American view of democracy, which is conflated with capitalism – she reflects a uniquely Jamaican experience of working together democratically.

“She has demonstrated her leadership beyond the political sphere and proven herself a leader of both minds and hearts as they move toward a democratic society.”

in addition to being the mayor of Kingston, she is also the deputy senate president and chairperson of the Kingston and St. Andrew Corportation. Brown-Burke is also a long serving concillor for the Norman Gardens division in East Kingston and Port Royal and is vice-president of the governing People’s National Party.