8 Ways To Keep Upper Lip Hair Invinsible

I don’t even know where to begin! Talk about a hairy situation! While inspecting my face in the mirror the other day, I noticed my upper lip hair or woman’s mustache has been growing in more and more as I get older. This has never bothered me before until now.  Being a lipstick fan, I need to be well groomed and most of you will agree.

Although genetics and hormones are crucial in determining how much facial hair we grow, I have found that there are many easy ways to remove facial hair at home.  Consider doing it yourself (DIY) at home. Why you ask, because you have complete control over the end result and the fact that no one will have to know and most of all it is cost-effective.

Here are the options I’m considering for my upper lip fuzz:

1.      Plucking

This option requires a lot of patience, but the results can last for at least two weeks. The pain is not bad because with a tweezer you can’t grab a lot of hairs at once, contrary to what happens when you use a facial epilator or when you wax. It’s an incredibly inexpensive upper lip hair removal method, because the cost of a tweezer is so minimal and it stays with you for so many years.

2.      Shaving

My second option is good old reliable shaving. One would think this would make the hair grow back thicker but research shows that this is not so. Although it only takes about a minute you will probably be shaving every three days or so.

  1. Depilatory Cream

This cream painless removes hair by the root.  The chemicals in this cream are usually harsh, so it’s best to choose a cream that is created for sensitive facial skin. There are several inexpensive creams on the market, but based on my research it seems that the Oil of Olay Hair Removal Duo Kit is the best.

Jamaican Divas Oll Of Olay Hair Removal Kit


4.      Using an Epilator

If you are like me you have no idea what I’m talking about!  An epilator is a hand-held device that pulls hairs up by the root when moved across skin.  They come in corded, rechargeable and battery operated designs or a manual stick. Make sure to choose an epilator that is design for facial hair.

Jamaican Divas Epilator Stick


5.      Waxing

Waxing removes hair completely and can be done at home with a kit purchased from the drug store. There are two types of wax available the spreadable wax with strips or a neater option of ready-made strips that already have wax applied. Remember that this option will definitely hurt so follow the instructions carefully.

6.      Bleaching

Bleaching is suitable for lightening hairs that are not completely black, just dark. It lasts for up to 2 weeks. Be sure to choose bleaching cream that is recommended for use on your face; since the skin here is so sensitive, you have to be extra careful to avoid irritation.

7.      Laser Removal

Yes, there are devices we can use at home that will simulate the laser removal process known as intense pulse light kits.  Don’t listen to the hype, these devices do not removal hair permanently but for about 2 years. Be careful when using these devices at home as it may cause serious burns.

8.      Visit a Professional

If DIY is not your thing, a visit to the salon or laser center. Be sure to research locations, practitioners, and prices. Some centers will have updated equipment’s, more qualified specialists (always make sure they’re licensed), and more satisfactory reviews than others. Never, ever choose a location based on endorsements.

Mi know which method mi a go use- tell mi which one or ones you a go try!

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