7 Simple Back To School Tips

Well it’s that time of year again; yes the kids are heading back to school. My daughter is complaining about the long list of school supplies and the amount of money she is spending.  So yours truly decided to take some time out to see how she can keep more money in her pocket.

So to start the school year off right with my simple but effective ideas to save on school supplies.

  1. Start with your home

One would be pleasantly supplies at how many items on the list your kids already possess. Make it fun, have the kids search and the one who produces the most items on the list you can do something special for him or her.


  1. Let your Smartphone work for youback to school tips

Use an app such as savvyshop.com to scan products’ barcodes to ensure that you’re getting the lowest price around.


  1. Find your match

Only shop stores that offer a price match guarantee; such as Target, Staples and Walmart. You will have to proof the lower price with an ad for the item.


  1. Reuse your basics

This year choose plastic folders, dividers and binders instead of flimsy cardboard ones. These items last a long time and can be reused next school season. If last year’s spiral notebooks aren’t all used up, rip out the old pages and decorate the cover –new notebook.


  1. Check the supermarket and drug store

Starting in July, these two stores will offer small back to school supplies on sale.  Most often you will be able to find items at 10% less than the regular price.


  1. Make your warranty work for you

L.L.Bean, Lands’ End and REI are among companies that will fix or replace worn merchandise for the entire life of a product.  So if this year calls for a Backpack or Jacket considering buying from these companies, although a bit pricey but worth it.  If a zipper goes you will be able to get a replacement even if its 10 years from now.




  1. Get the Classics for Free

Many great works of literature and philosophy can be downloaded at no cost and printed in a variety of formats at Gutenberg.org.