6 Money Superstitions to Remember

Today is Friday the 13th, an infamously unlucky date that occurs at least once and up to three times a year. Whether or not you believe in the unlucky powers of Friday the 13th, there are plenty of money superstitions to keep you engaged year round.

Here are a few of my favorites……

The Money Tree

According to popular myth, a poor Taiwanese farmer came across an unusual tree one day in his fields. Thinking it would bring him luck; he uprooted it, brought it home, and began selling plants grown from its seeds. The farmer prospered, and ever after the tree was said to bring wealth and good luck to its owner. Its reputation has made the plant—botanical name pachira aquatica— a popular gift for new business openings and graduations.

Find a penny, pick it upAnd all day long you’ll have good 

luck! Caution: Make sure the penny is heads up before you grab it. Over time, a penny began to reflect the popular “good vs. bad” contradiction, with heads earning a positive reputation and tails a negative. When you see a tails-up penny on the street, flip it over so the next person can reap the good luck

Don’t put your bag on the floor or you’ll stay broke

My favorite and is a part of my everyday life . There’s an old Chinese saying, “A purse on the floor is money out the door.” Putting your bag on the ground shows disregard for your wealth, and suggests that you may have a tough time managing your finances.

If a bird poops on you

Or your house or car, or if you step in it, means you’ll be rich.

Itchy palms.

In Jamaica it best know as “if yuh han middle scratch yuh, yuh a go get money”  An itchy right palm means you’ll bring bringing in some cash, and an itchy left palm means you’ll be paying money out.

The “wealth corner”

According to the Chinese practice of feng shui, the southeast corner of your home is considered your “wealth area.” Decorate your wealth corner with trinkets that symbolize money accumulation, such as a prosperity symbol, will help to maximize its impact on your financial life.

Share some of your money superstitions with us, and let me know which ones you practice!