5 Essentials Of The Soap Bar Scene

Remember those high scented alkaline soaps you grew up with? Well these are nothing at all like them! These leave you feeling pampered and clean.  Here are the facts you should know to shop for the big hitters.

blacksoaporiginalBlack Soap – The real deal are those that aren’t dyed but are made with the ashes of exotic leaves or volcanoes – detoxifiers that is an oily girl’s dream. African Black Soap


Glycerin – Gentle enough for sensitive skin and a great moisture magnet. Neutrogena


Exfoliating – Buffing bars enriched with seeds, shells or fine grain

pumice are great for dry areas that need more sloughing during the winter months. Plant bar in lemon peel


Oil-Based – These soaps are equivalent to the luxury feel of cleansing oil. Be sure to pick one chockfull of fatty acids.

Beauty Bars – Old school surfactant made with synthetic ingredients that leave skin soft and dewy and are good for all skin types.





Let mi know which if any you have tried! I love the feel of Dove and Neutrogena.