4 Ways To Prevent Yellow Nails Like A Pro

Wow, my girlfriend recently noticed a yellow stain on her nails after removing her polish.  It was a bit unappealing and sent her running to get a new manicure immediately. Chances are, if you are like my girlfriend who polishes her nails often, you may have experienced Yellow Nails- a common side effect of continual application of bright pigmented color nail polish.  And like my girlfriend your first thought was to hide them behind more polish. But that may only suppress healthy nail growth, and sometimes can be the symptom of a larger health issue.   Read on to find out how to keep your nails in tiptop shape as we scoured the internet for tips from the pros.

We found that most pros recommend doing the following to prevent yellow nails.

  1. Taking your polish completely off once in a while to check the condition of your nails. yellow nails Unfortunately, yellowing nails are unsightly and makes us run for cover immediately. If you find yourself freaking out over a slight or bad case of yellow nails- STOP; address the issue and remember that it’s easily remedied.


  1. To prevent yellow nails always apply a clear base coat to protect your nails before adding layers of bright colors. You only need one coat of base and allow 20 minutes for drying.


Base Coat to prevent yellow nails



  1. When it comes to the removal of any type of nail, never pick it off—always soak it off with acetone. Whether you are removing acrylic or gel. Always apply a rejuvenating oil or polish to rehydrate the nails.
  1. To improve the overall health of your nails strive to maintain a balance diet and drink plenty of water.

So my Jamaican Divas- listen up: Don’t be in such a haste to cover up those yellow nails at the first sign of yellowing, and don’t be afraid to go polish-less for a week or two to allow your nails to recuperate.  You will see the difference it makes and how healthy and strong your nails will become,