3 Reasons Why Flexi Rods Are The Best Tool In Your Hair Box

Flexi rods are so hot right now! These noodle shape tools are as flexible as pipe cleaners and easy to use! Just coil your hair, starting with your ends, around the rod, and make sure it’s spiraled. You can bend it to lock the curl in place stopping it from separating. They provide you with tight and extra soft curls because no heat is applied when using them. With the use of a moisturizer and setting lotion, they are extremely flexible, with incredible results.

Check out our gallery of natural and relaxed Flexi Rod Styles!

Here are a 3 reasons why flexi rods are your best tool:

  1. Heat-less

Say goodbye to the days when you needed a curling iron to achieve those curls. Enter the flexi rods which provides a beautiful style without the use of direct heat. Heat-less = no damage = low or no manipulation = healthier hair! As you know this is a plus in any hair fashionista’s  book whether you are a naturalist or relaxed gal! Its soft spongy material also helps to provide comfort while sleeping.

  1. They Last For Days

If you are looking for that full head of curls then a flexi rod set is the way to go! And these curls can last for days! Whether you’re a naturalist or relaxed-hair, long lasting styles make life easier and cause less handling to the hair.

  1. They’re Great For Any Event.

What makes flexi rods even more fun is that they come in all sorts of sizes. You can easily achieve tight coils, with small yellow/orange rods, that will last for days or big loose sexy curls, with big purple rods, for a special night out! The choice is yours!


 Image Credits: Pinterest

Are you a flexi rod gal? Do you prefer big or tight curls?